Every church size comes with its unique challenges and joys. Senior Pastors of larger churches (over 400 in attendance) face unique leadership challenges and opportunities. You are invited to join other Senior Pastors in New England for a unique two-day, two-night experience of peer learning and networking.

The Larger Church Pastor's Forum is an opportunity to be refreshed and inspired as you share stories, discuss best practices and lessons learned, wrestle with some of the tough topics facing the local church today, laugh, rest and connect.

If you believe you could benefit from the shared experiences of other pastors a bit further down the road in church growth, or if you believe your experiences could benefit other churches headed down the same church growth road you are on, mark you calendar and join us!

The Details

LocationWarren Conference Center in Ashland, MA
Dates: March 18-20, 2018
Accommodations: All rooms are single occupancy, hotel style with private bathrooms. 
Dining: All dining is included in the cost of the Forum. Gourmet meals are served on site and snacks are provided. 
Discussion Topics: Discussion topics are determined by a team of participants and will be posted soon. 
Registration Deadline: Limited space available and registration information will be posted soon. 

Event Discussion Topics

Discussion topics will be posted soon. 


Two-night Rate: $599

- Two Nights Single Occupancy Accommodations 

- 6 Meals (Sunday Night through Tuesday Lunch) 

- Unlimited snacks and refreshments 

One-night Rate: $499

- One Nights Single Occupancy Accommodations 

- 5 Meals (Monday Breakfast through Tuesday Lunch) 

- Unlimited snacks and refreshments 

Commuter Rate: $399

- No Nightly Accommodations

- 6 Meals (Sunday Night through Tuesday Lunch) 

- Unlimited snacks and refreshments