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Disciple making and church leadership.

Disciple-Maker As Life Counselor

Repeatedly, throughout our life’s journey as disciple-making Christ followers, many of us will be asked to give guidance to people in all kinds of different life circumstances, people who were struggling with all types of difficulties.

Reconnecting The Disconnected, Part 3

Effective Communication enhances ministry

The declaration “Peace on Earth” stands at the heart of the Christmas season. An age of peace with God and peace with one another began with the birth of our Savior and will find fulfillment with His return. Until then, Christians continue in this ministry of reconciliation, learning to be united as one body while following Jesus.  

Even though the kingdoms of this world are filled with war, violence and injustice, the kingdom of heaven is built on grace, mercy and justice through the unity of the saints. When God’s people live in harmony and unite on mission, the kingdom forcefully advances. pdf.tarikhema.org This is why Vision New England exists: to unite, equip and encourage the body of Christ in New England to advance the Gospel together.

In 2017, we hosted forums, summits, and conferences to serve the mission of the body of Christ here in New England: to GO into our world and do justice, love mercy, walk humbly and makedisciples. In a time of unprecedented division and fear, our New England communities desperately need a united body of Christ recklessly bringing the hope and grace found only in Jesus.

During this season of generosity, will you help unite, equip and encourage the body of Christ by making a first time or extra gift to the work of Vision New England? Would you even prayerfully consider becoming a new monthly partner?

One major way we unite and equip the body of Christ is through our annual GO Conference (formerly known as Congress). The GO Conference unites New Englanders and equips them to live a life committed to four biblical mandates: do justice, love mercy, walk humbly and make disciples. Your gift to the 2017 Equip and Encourage Campaign helps make possible this gathering and many other forums, summits, coaching and consulting services, all focused on equipping and encouraging the body of Christ in New England.  We are committed to making our events and services accessible to all New Englanders regardless of financial ability. Your partnership makes this possible.

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