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Disciple-Maker As Life Counselor

Repeatedly, throughout our life’s journey as disciple-making Christ followers, many of us will be asked to give guidance to people in all kinds of different life circumstances, people who were struggling with all types of difficulties.

Reconnecting The Disconnected, Part 3

Effective Communication enhances ministry


  1. To respond to the devastating effect of the recent Hurricanes
  2. To provide a way for New England churches to reach out in love and hope to churches and other organizations who are caring for their congregations and others in this time of crisis.

Hope Pack Building Events:

  1. Provision Ministry will work alongside church leaders to facilitate Pack Building events for their congregations to provide needed items and a message of hope to those affected by floods.
  2. A Pack Building event can be for one single church or coordinated for multiple churches to do together. While providing tangible relief to children and families displaced by Hurricane, the project also provides an opportunity for volunteers to come together in unity in a team-building fashion to make a difference in the lives of others who are suffering. This is a very tangible way to demonstrate love for one another. 
  3. At each event, Packs are assembled, boxed, and put on pallets for shipment to Texas. 
  4. Sponsoring churches can add a tract, Bible, or other Christian literature into each pack. 
  5. Churches can reach out to local churches, organizations, and/or schools in the affected areas for strategic distribution or the Packs can be distributed to Provision partners. As New England churches provide supplies needed by churches serving their congregations in their time of struggle, bridges of hope are built.


  1. Pack Building events can be scheduled as soon as a budget is determined and funds are raised. Depending on the size of an event, Provision needs at least 2 weeks lead time to order and deliver necessary Pack supplies.
  2. It is important to understand that the HOPE Pack initiative is intended to be a secondary relief function as first responders are currently addressing basic needs as part of emergency response. Hope Packs address the next phase of recovery – providing proper school supplies for students returning to school and providing some necessary self-care items to help meet basic needs as well as addressing their need to feel loved and cared for. 


  1. Provision will provide and deliver the products for each Pack Building Event.
  2. Provision will be available to ensure a smooth, turn-key event for each church by providing guidance for setup, execution, and distribution.
  3. Each church will appoint a captain to handle coordination of volunteers, setup, receipt of Pack items, and event management.